Sports Medicine

Dr. Wolfer is Fellowship-trained in Sports and Spine Medicine

She blends the best of traditional and integrative sports and spine medicine. Patients receive an in-depth evaluation of their injury, including a kinetic chain analysis looking for any weak links or old injuries that may have predisposed them to the current problem.   Imaging is ordered as needed including x-ray, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound to precisely identify the pain generator. Next, a personalized rehabilitation plan is designed which often includes collaboration with physical therapists, Graston specialists, chiropractors, rolfers, acupuncturists etc. Some patients are good candidates for specific Regenerative Injection Therapies. (Patients can read more about specific RITs in the adjoining pages). Patients with concurrent health problems or a long history of injuries may benefit from a diet analysis and lab work to see if they have common correctable problems which can speed healing and return to sport: low iron, low progesterone, pre-diabetes/diabetes, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, low testosterone, low vitamin D etc.

Regenerative injection therapies (RIT)

We utilize state-of-the-art regenerative injection therapies, advanced imaging and a functional medicine (integrative medicine) approach to orthopedic problems.



European injection therapy utilizing botanical remedies to relieve pain.

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Neural Prolotherapy

Uses subcutaneous low dose glucose injections for safe and effective treatment of pain due to common orthopedic problems.

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Use glucose (dextrose) injections to heal injured, painful tissues.

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Platelet rich plasma

Your own platelets are used to treat injured tendons, joint pain/arthritis and other tissues.

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What they say

  • heinz-ward

    Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers used PRP after an injury to help him recover in time to win the 2008 Superbowl.

    Hines Ward
  • bode-miller

    “I wouldn’t be skiing now if not for prolotherapy.”

    Olympic and World Championship Gold medalist and the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time.

    Bode Miller

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