All of the Functional Medicine Programs have 5 key elements organized in a Lifestyle Matrix to optimize: food, movement, sleep, stress management, and supplements/bioidentical hormones. After your new patient evaluation, lab testing and fitness testing, Dr. Wolfer can help you see which program is best for you.

Women’s Wellness Program

You are a good candidate for this program if you have fatigue, weight gain, hormone issues (PMS, peri-menopause or menopause), mood disorders (mild to moderate anxiety/depression)/”brain fog,” and/or digestive problems. Are you suffering from “super-mom” or “super-woman” syndrome?  Are you dodging the slings and arrows of being a perfectionist? Are you climbing the career ladder — all while trying to maintain your health as parent, partner and/or civil citizen!

Men’s Wellness Program

Men’s health is finally getting the attention it deserves! More and more men are noticing fatigue, loss of drive at work and play, difficulty focusing, recurrent sports injuries, and/or low libido. Are you a “super-dad” — taking a more active role in parenting while still bringing home enough bacon? Or are you amongst the many men juggling their health and wellness in our gold rush economy?

Healthy Aging Program

What is “normal” aging? Shouldn’t we be aiming for “optimal aging?” In this program we determine your biologic vs. chronologic age and look at how we can add quality to your years. This is a great program for the person that wants to be a step ahead of their peers, nip chronic health problems in the bud and adopt healthier lifestyle choices to age well. Do you want to know how to maintain your lean body mass, a sharp mind, avoid osteoporosis?

Athlete’s Choice Program

This program is for the elite athlete, masters athlete, cross-fitter or avid weekend warrior who wants to be their best, not just average. Athletes with recurrent injuries who may be overtraining are well-suited for this program. Athletes receive a full functional fitness physical evaluation and well as functional medicine evaluation to bring them to the top of their game.

What is Functional Medicine?

Change your health. Change your world.

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