Biopuncture to Treat Running Injuries: Local TV Feature

Lee Wolfer MD on CBS 5

Clck here to watch Lee Wolfer MD on CBS 5

Dr. Wolfer and two of her patients — both runners — were interviewed by Dr. Kim Mulvihill of CBS 5 on the topic of Biopuncture as a regenerative injection therapy for sports injuries. Both patients responded positively to the treatment and exceeded expectations. Click on the image above right to watch the interview.

The feature aired first on the CW at 10 PM (that’s cable 12 on Comcast — and home to Gossip Girls and America’s Next Top Model); then at 11 PM the same night on Channel 5. It aired the following day — on Wednesday the 16th — during the 6 PM news show.

For more information about Biopuncture, click here.

Or go to the pull down menu labeled regenerative injection therapy and select Biopuncture.

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